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Experience the breathtaking luxury of this penthouse suite and make every moment special. The Izu home is located in Lagos, Nigeria, and offers a range of facilities that ensure you have a fun and memorable experience whenever you visit. The spacious short-stay apartment is the perfect choice for a private stay, a fun family getaway, and private events like birthday dinners, engagement parties, private movie screenings, and so much more.

The Clarita

For the guest seeking a private short let accommodation away from the city noise but still close enough to easily access its sights and wonders, look no further. The Clarita provides a luxury residence with the privacy and serenity you need, leaving you feeling refreshed and relaxed after your stay. This short-stay apartment combines glamour and functionality to provide a great vacation experience for solo guests, family vacations, or business travelers.

The Agnes

Substitute the publicity of traditional hotels in Lagos and opt for this private short stay apartment. The modern architecture and classic design of The Agnes exude an atmosphere of relaxation that makes it easy to fall in love with this luxury suite. The Agnes is a stunning masterpiece ideal for private stays, group visits, business meetings, family vacations, and private events.

The Hafej

The Hafej is located in a high-end, secure location in the Lekki, Lagos. It is within easy reach of popular attractions and service areas so you can enjoy a peaceful, comfortable stay while discovering exciting new places. Our open-space kitchen is fully fitted with furnishings, appliances and wares, so you can make your meals any time you want.



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